Higher crop yields thanks to data science

Climate change and a growing world population are putting increasing pressure on grain production. With his work, Fabian Guignard aims to help make wheat cultivation more efficient by recommending personalised varieties.

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Fabian Guignard is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science and one of four UniBE Venture Fellows 2023. As part of his Venture Fellowship, he is developing an artificial intelligence-based tool that provides farmers with personalised wheat variety recommendations. The recommendations are based on data such as local weather conditions and previous crop yields, and are designed to help improve crop yield and quality.

Fabian Guignard at his workplace. Picture: Franziska Rothenbühler

For Guignard, the long history of statistics and agronomy is one of the reasons why new technologies based on artificial intelligence have a place in agriculture.