Artificial intelligence creates striking images

How do you feel when you look at the following pictures? Do you perhaps have to look twice, wondering what is real and what is fictitious?

The main people in the pictures are real. We met them as usual in a real place and photographed them, tried out different poses and backgrounds and finally chose a picture.
Everything else in the pictures is fiction  – created by an artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with us humans. First, we asked the main characters portrayed to name keywords that we could use to guide the AI. These keywords are identified below the pictures. Then we experimented until we had a picture that fit. To do this, we had to interpret, modify and add to the keywords. The commands  – or "prompts"  – finally given to the Midjourney AI are also shown.
It is exciting that the AI often generated completely different images than we humans had imagined, which can be quite irritating.

Keywords 01, turquoise on black, infinite room _ Prompts /imagine film still, infinite room, turquoise and black elements, flash coming from top left, 35mm
Keywords Milonga, main building, university, dance floor, humanoid robots, men rather dressed in black (white), women in red, projection (on facade of main building), matrix numbers falling down _ Prompts /imagine film still, University of Bern, dancefloor in front, Milonga, human robots dancing tango, matrix numbers falling down, hyper realistic, 35mm
Keywords philosophy, science, universe, galaxies, thinking, books, computer simulations, probability, limits of knowledge, understanding _ Prompts /imagine film still, hyperrealistic universe, flying books instead of stars and planets, depth with dynamic light, computer simulation, 35mm
Researches and teaches on the "Psychology of Digitalization": Malte Elson © Picture: Dres Hubacher, Eric Zankl
Keywords creativity, digitalisation, ergonomics, design, cost-effectiveness, tissue medicine Prompts /film still, a modern day medicine lab, bright and cleaned up, ergonomic equipment, 35 mm
Keywords precision, prevention, diagnostics, efficiency, caffeine, tissue medicine _ Prompts /imagine film still, tissue medicine, abstract tissue, hyperrealistic, 4d, 8k uni
Keywords Distance, home, office, multilocality, loneliness, place of power, networking, Mountain, Valley, City, Longing, Freedom, Control, Modern, Flexible, Beauty, Breakout, Upheaval, Privilege, Fatigue, Energy, Digital, Smart, Proximity, Everyday, Short-term, Spontaneous _ Prompts /imagine film still, big photorealistic office that's empty and lonely with big windows, modern style, smart and digital, city in the background, mountains behind the city, 35mm lens, dynamic light
Keywords Movement science, sports science, perception-action coupling, Sensorimotor Lab, Virtual Reality, Eyetracking Prompts /imagine film still, a large sports science lab, various sports equipment, ultra realistic, 35mm
Keywords sit me among university students who use digital learning tools such as VR, podcasts, simulations, online platforms Prompts /imagine film still, shot from the ground, students using digital VR tools, dynamic light, point of view, simulation, online, hyperrealistic, 35mm

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